We Paint Outside of the Lines

A community of artists that gather, muse, and create together.

About Us

We founded PoppyClock Collective on a key idea: collaboration. The most powerful ideas are born from twos and threes, not a one-man band or a solo act. Fundamentally, we encourage each other to look at the world differently and express that vision through whatever medium we fancy – paint, thread, wire, bubblegum scraps… (you get the idea). Our collective includes artists, thinkers, and poets who seek out the whimsical hues of the world and magnify them. No more placing the universe into neat and tidy boxes. We paint outside of the lines.



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Well, hello there! Feel free to reach out to say howdy (we're a talkative bunch). Send us an email, Facebook message, or carrier pigeon - whatever works.

Burlington VT United States

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