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Art On The Run: Coming August 2018

Hey friends!

Haley and I are excited to announce our latest project: "Art on the Run." And we're looking for female artists in Burlington to participate!

The short introduction: Art on the Run is a traveling pop-up art gallery that will showcase up-and-coming female artists in the Burlington community during the month of August.

The long(er) introduction: Haley and I started a woman-run business two years ago. It was a challenge (it still is). There are a lot of obstacles that new artists face as they try to build a name for themselves, and women artists must work even harder. There's networking, finding venues, furthering your education and practice, developing a body of work, managing your site and social media, handling taxes, and ya know... actually selling your work. When we were starting out, I was intimidated about applying for exhibit space when I knew I was in competition with more established artists and organizations. Thankfully, the Burlington art community is wonderfully supportive. We've made some good pals. But still, sometimes it's hard to have a voice.

After finding a space, the other challenge is bringing the public to your art. It can be difficult to inform people about an art opening when you're trying to target those that are outside of your established network. Beyond that, sometimes people just don't wanna walk into a gallery. Sometimes it's easier to display art in a more organic setting. We want to break down that wall.

The set-up: we've got a gold-painted cruiser hooked up to a bicycle trailer that's equipped to display 8-10 pieces. There may also be a bike boombox playing some sick beats. We have a list of breweries, shops, and public spaces that we're including in our weekly rotation. Every weekend (beginning August 1), we'll ride through town and stop at these venues to show our collection and chat with visitors. All art will be up for sale.

The finale: our project ends at Art Hop 2018. We'll have the bike parked in the backyard behind SEABA, ready to share how the month went and ready to talk about the role of art in public spaces.

Want to join? We're looking for women artists (cis, trans, and gender non-conforming babes included) who are 18+ and have at least 2-3 pieces of art that they'd like to put on display. Please send an email to with the following information:

1) A brief bio about yourself (just 2-3 sentences).

2) Images of your artwork (JPEG is fine).

3) Dimensions of your work (it's gotta fit on the bicycle trailer).

4) Prices for your artwork.

Rolling deadline until July 27. All participants will be notified by July 29.